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Asbestos Surveys in London

Asbestos was commonly used in the construction of most commercial buildings in Great Britain. It became a concern later owing to the health risk it posed to the population. As from 1999, the use and reuse of all forms of asbestos was banned. There was also a complete ban on trade in asbestos.

Since then it has become a requirement by law to manage all asbestos by conducting regular asbestos surveys. This was a step towards reducing risks associated with asbestos. Owners of affected buildings have a mandate to manage the asbestos and remove it if the condition deteriorates over time.

The Logic Behind Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos is more dangerous when in damaged state. Of the two major forms (Serpentine and Amphibole), Amphibole is more lethal because it is much more delicate. Since World War II, cases of asbestos hazards have been recorded leading to the classification of asbestos as a carcinogen.

Exposure mostly occurs at the workplace. Research studies have shown that it can cause lung cancer or inflammation of the lungs. This can cause breathing difficulties and other respiratory related complications. It has also been shown to have detrimental effects in most vital organs. Contamination of the environment can also occur as asbestos-containing materials are disposed. This waste can lead to pollution of the natural environment. When materials containing asbestos are poorly disposed, they degenerate over time and release tiny fibres into the atmosphere. These fibres can easily be breathed in undetected. Eventually the health implications that arise are deadly. Perhaps the biggest risk with asbestos is its long latency periods of about 10-50 years. This makes it even harder to detect in good time.

The Risks of Exposure

Everyone is at risk of exposure when asbestos is poorly managed. Direct exposure is higher in construction workers who demolish old buildings. Also electricians and plumbers are more likely to be exposed as there is a possibility of damaging asbestos while working. Those working in manufacturing companies where asbestos containing materials are processed, might from time to time be exposed if proper precautions are not taken. Indirect exposure can be experienced by those who come in contact with industrial workers' equipment or clothing that is contaminated with traces of asbestos fibres. Cumulatively the fibres might become a health hazard even for those that are indirectly exposed.

The Importance of Professional Surveys

If you would like to renovate or demolish a non-domestic premise/premises in London, ensure to take the right measures as stipulated in Control of Asbestos Regulations of 2012. Treat every building like an asbestos containing region.

It is therefore mandatory to undertake a survey. This survey will determine whether the asbestos should be removed or left intact. The survey provides a monitoring framework on the condition and amounts of the asbestos.

This is done by conducting a risk assessment that is included in the Asbestos Register. It will also determine the location of the asbestos or asbestos-containing materials. For demolitions and renovations a more invasive survey is required as opposed to management surveys that are conducted as part of asbestos management drills.

Survey Procedures

Asbestos surveyors should have attained P402 certification and be licensed by the HSE. There are two types of surveys that can be conducted, depending on the intended purpose. Management surveys (management plans) often identify available asbestos and assess its condition. They then make recommendations on how to manage it according to the stipulated Health and Safety guidelines. The guidelines also require that the owner of the premises makes the occupants aware of the existence of the asbestos. This survey is documented in the Asbestos Register for further monitoring.

Refurbishment or demolition surveys are carried out in premises that need modification of any kind. Initial steps include identifying where the asbestos is found within the said building. It is an invasive procedure that might require evacuation of the area. The survey ensures the minimization of risk during works. It will also ensure that a qualified contractor is handling the demolition appropriately.

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